Parents Testimonials

My kid was in a foster city preschool before joining Lil’ Explorers. I see a lot of difference.. he is kept clean..(cleaning after eating ) here and they changed his diapers frequently, which I didn’t see in his San Mateo preschool. I feel little relief as his eating habits improved after joining here and his learning improved pretty fast.. within 20 days he is able to identify all the colors and he shows great interest towards his rhymes, numbers and he started playing well with his toys at home too. liked the individual care and attention teachers show.. we are really loving this place..

–Anupama P

San Jose

It has been 4 months since I enrolled my 3 year old in this preschool and we are amazed by the transformation in her. In a short span we have noticed that her social skills have improved a lot . She is enjoying herself and looks forward to going to school everyday and asks for “kool” on Saturdays and Sundays also. She is able to recite alphabets and numbers and is identifying shapes and colors. We are glad that we chose to enroll her here. Thanks to the director and her teachers who take such great care of her and constantly give us updates on her progress. Neat, well maintained premises and nice play area.

-Vikram K